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A few months ago, a friend emailed me a music video that had gone viral on her side of the planet (she lives in South Korea), saying I would love it. If you’ve breathed since September, you know where this is going.

The American Music Awards aired last week, ending with a performance of “Gangnam Style” by Korean artist Psy AND, and, MC Hammer. This is, without a doubt, the apex of this song, and probably Psy’s career here. But even now that his video has surpassed Justin Bieber’s “Baby” as the most watched video on YouTube, I’m still not tired of Psy, or “Gangnam Style.” Why? Why NOT (or the reasons below).

1. Gifs


2. His Reddit AMA (“Ask Me Anything”)
Reddit regularly has a feature where celebrities or people of interest answer Reddit user’s questions.  Psy’s was the best, specifically for the answer below:

Redditor FahCough: “why were you so mad at that girl’s ass?”

Psy: “because her ass was so mad”

Read it. Go. The link is the title of this section. If you don’t like him more after reading that, get off the Internet immediately.

3. Do You Think This Man Gives A Fuck?



My girl Kate is definitely on to something about Psy being the most gif-able celeb ever. But what I enjoy even more than his endless fountain of gif-givingness is the way Gangnam style brings us together. And by bringing us together of course I mean making us all look equally foolish whenever this song comes on in a bar or the shoe department at JC Penney and everyone immediately feels the need to prove that not only do they know the dance, but they are better at it than you.

It also makes me happy that other celebrities are also more than happy to make themselves look foolish too. They’re just like us guys!

Mike and Mike from ESPN embarrass themselves and all white people here.

Hugh Ja-gnman Style?