Gina: Hi and welcome to our blog! This is a place where Kate and I are going to talk about all the stuff we like. Mostly the entries will hit hot topics such as our favorite reality TV shows and which coked up starlet we most wish we were like, but we’ll try and aim for other topics like why women aren’t allowed to play in the NBA and our favorite Nutella recipes too.

Kate: Hello best friends ever! The best part about having mutual interests- food, music, movies, television, Ron Swanson- is talking about it with other people, and that’s where this blog stems from. We provide content that is back-and-forth; both our voices bantering on the same topic in the same post.  One opinion is lovely, but two is just plain fun. And it’s an excuse to share my own favorite Nutella recipe.

Gina: But basically anything goes here. Kate and I are acquaintances and not only do we hope you get to know us better through pop culture, but we hope to get to know each other better as well!

Kate: Truth! Gina and I first realized we were spirit animals over our mutual love of Kim Zolciak and  RuPaul’s Drag Race. It’s only going to get more awesome from here.

Gina: Throughout this blog you’ll hear both of our voices.  We’re going to keep both our eyes on all topics and indulge in honest and of course pseudo-intellectual conversations about why Real Housewives of Atlanta is the best of the franchise.

Kate: Spoiler alert- it’s because of Kim. Everything, really, is because of Kim. It’s another thing that made Gina and I friends.  I mean, look at this face and tell me it doesn’t inspire friendship.